Prag half marathon – March 28, 2015

We will test the system with some information from the Prag half marathon. The runners have just started at 12 noon.

After a few minutes into the race a big lead group is in front. The pacers have the order to provide a 59 minutes pace till about 15 km. We are awating first splits. Conditions look to be pretty good. Wind might be a factor.

Leaders have just passed 2 km: 5:34 – 2:43 – 58:43. Good start into the race!

Split for 3 km: 8:21 – 2:47 – 58:43. Seems that we will see a fast race today. Top group comprises about 20 men.

4 km was in about 11:12. Split not sure.

Runners passed 5 km. Czech TV shows interview! We hope to get the split soon. Lead group is still 20 men strong. No good sign for a fast pace.

Here is the split for 5 km: 13:57. Projection is 58:52.

No splits for 6 km and 7 km so far. Lead group still very compact.

8 km around 22:28, 59:15 pace.

10 km after 28:08, is 59:20 pace. Same as WL 2015 from CPC Loop!

Last 5 km segment was in 14:11. Pretty good pace.

After 14 km in about 39:50 about 12 runners in lead group. Pace is now just above 1 hour.

LAPs for the last kms are now between 2:54 and 2:57. That is too slow for a pace of clearly sub-1h.

Split for 15 km was 42:44 this is 1:00:06 pace and just outside 1 hour. The course record is already gone. Last 5 km segment was in 14:36 only. Slowest segment so far.

After 17 km in 48:26 the leading group is stretched out and an increasing number of runner lose contact. Projection to finish is fairly constant at present: 1:00:06

Pace has picked up now. Only three contenders are in front: Daniel Wanjiru and Wilfred Murgot, Leonard Komon is trailing and working hard to keep in touch.

19 km split was 53:59, i.e.  59:57 pace. Komon is starting to lose ground to the two opponents.

We have passed 20 km in about 56:45, pace is just under the hour. Daniel Wanjiru has a clear lead now and will win the race, last year he was third here in 59:59.

Last 5km segment was in 14:04. Pretty fast!

Wanjiru wins in 59:51 (unoffical) and Komon has caught Murgor. Both finish in a dramatic sprint. Murgor just made it for second, Komon third. Both in 59:57. So three runner dipped under the hour. Fairly good result.